Network Routing, 2nd Edition
Algorithms, Protocols, and Architectures


(Publisher: Morgan Kaufmann, an imprint of Elsevier)


Publication Date (2nd Edition): October 1, 2017!

Contents - 2nd Edition

Part-I: Routing: Basics and Foundations
Chapter 1. Networking and Network Routing: An Introduction
Chapter 2. Routing Algorithms: Shortest Path, Widest Path, and Spanning Tree
Chapter 3. Routing Protocols: Framework and Principles
Chapter 4. Network Flow Models

Part-II: Internet Routing
Chapter 5. IP Routing and Distance Vector Protocol Family
Chapter 6. OSPF and Integrated IS-IS
Chapter 7. IP Traffic Engineering
Chapter 8. Multicast Routing
Chapter 9. BGP
Chapter 10. Routing in the Global Internet
Chapter 11. Routing and Traffic Engineering in Software Defined Networks
Chapter 12. Routing in Data Center Networks

Part III: Router Architecture & Design
Chapter 13. Router Architectures
Chapter 14. IP Address Lookup Algorithms
Chapter 15. IP Packet Filtering and Classification
Chapter 16. Switch Fabric
Chapter 17. Packet Queueing and Scheduling
Chapter 18. Traffic Conditioning

Part-IV: Routing in Reservation-Oriented Networks
Chapter 19. Circuit-Switching: Hierarchical and Dynamic Call Routing
Chapter 20. Traffic Engineering for Circuit-Switched Networks
Chapter 21. Quality of Service Routing
Chapter 22. MPLS and GMPLS
Chapter 23. Routing and Traffic Engineering using MPLS
Chapter 24. Routing in Optical Networks, Multilayer Networks, and Overlay Networks
Chapter 25. Call Routing in GSTN
Chapter 26. VoIP Call Routing