Network Routing
Algorithms, Protocols, and Architectures


(Publisher: Morgan Kaufmann Publishers, an imprint of Elsevier)


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Despite our concerted effort, we found that it is difficult to avoid inadvertent typos in a book of 800+ pages. As we like to say: every technical book must have an errata list:-) Here's our collection so far. If you find any, please let us know.

*p. 49: line 11: Replace j=3 by j=5; now, S becomes {1, 2, 4, 5}. Consequently, set S in last two rows in Table 2.4 on p. 48 changes. At iteration-4, S is {1, 2, 4, 5}, at iteration-5, S is {1, 2, 4, 5, 3}. Also, B13 in iteration-4 and iteration-5 changes to 20, and Path to 1-4-5-3.

*p. 49: line 15: change 'Bellman-Ford' to 'Distance-Vector'.

*p. 54: line 8: Bandwidth of link 3-6 is missing. Use 3 as its bandwidth.

p. 113: Eqn (4.2.4): (correction is marked in bold, italics)
           x12* = h,       x132* = 0,           when 0 <= h <= 10
          x12* = 10,     x132* = h-10,       when h >= 10 and h <= 20.

p. 113: Eqn (4.2.5): (correction is marked in bold, italics)
           x12* = 0,          x132* = h,           when 0 <= h <= 10
          x12* = h - 10,     x132* = 10,       when h >= 10 and h <= 20.

*p. 169: Read last three lines, continuing to the top of the next page as follows (with corrected router identifiers corresponding to Figure 6.1):
Here, Area 3 is connected to the backbone area using transit Area 2 through a virtual link that connects router R5 to router R13. Also note that if the link between routers R2 and R4 in the backbone area goes down, Area 0 becomes partitioned; to avoid that, a virtual link between Area-Border Routers R6 and R8 is established through Area 1.

p. 246: Figure 8.3: IP address with interface s1 should be

p. 248: Figure 8.5: In AS65222, N8 (with should be N12

p. 394: Figure 12.9: DPC for the IAM message on the right should be 1.4.3 (NOT 1.4.4)

*Credits go to Sravan Valluri, Driss Benhaddou, Daehee Kim, Sean Baes for pointing these out. If you find any error, please let the authors know. You'll be acknowledged here. If you pointed out an error, but we forgot to acknowledge you or forgot to list the fix for the error, please let me know so that this is fixed and you're rightfully acknowledged.